Delightful December

One of the most life-giving experiences in this life is the joy that comes in giving from the heart, without any strings attached.....

Our greatest joy this month is our annual COURAGE event celebrations and how beautifully they dovetail with the reason for the season we are in; the Christmas season of love, peace, hope and joy.

Delightful December is about our annual celebration of ABILITY for people with disabilities (unique needs). It is a United Nations sanctioned International day of celebrations: IDPWD (International Day for People with Disability. We are honored to be Celebrating ABILITY on 3rd Dec and for the week following, with an event on 8th Dec. to close out our celebrations. This a day that the United Nations sanctioned in 1992 to bring awareness across the globe in regards, to the now estimated 3 billion people worldwide with a disability of some kind. Our 15th annual COURAGE event was birthed on the shores of the Indian Ocean some 15 years ago with a COURAGE Breakfast; who could have known that this event would be celebrated across the South, Mid and North Pacific Ocean, with events that truly are a celebration of this years theme:

"Empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring inclusiveness and equality"...

Every year a theme is dedicated to this day and then efforts are made to implement and celebrate the theme. It is a great honor to have people who embrace this theme with heart, soul and aloha.

After our inaugural COURAGE event last year with Anelakai Adventures we could see that the crew and team gathered truly engaged with inclusiveness and accessibility at the grass roots level and with much aloha. The crew captain comment last year being: 'we are certified happy people and the aloha shared is guaranteed!'

WE are so grateful for Anelakai Adventures who are truly embracing with our International accessibility and inclusive grassroots movement that now spans the Pacific. It is their aloha spirit and wholehearted approach to ensuring inclusiveness and equality that has given great joy to the families who have participated in the manta ray night dives. One parent shared:

"Thanks Trish and to Iko and Holly - The night dive was amazing, 4 manta rays up close and personal, was a beautiful show."

Yes the courage it takes to get in the water with these magnificent creatures is an experience that truly does bring life and joy when the participants have truly experienced such an empowering, inclusive and dignified opportunity to be acknowledged as equals to others in the canoe with them. Abundant blessings to all who have made the day and week for someone with unique needs such a beautiful experience of courage and aloha, in the tradition of this beautiful iconic Hawaiian water sport outrigger canoe paddling.

Life is for Living with Aloha - is the tagline we have carried for a decade now and is becoming a theme we carry across the pacific and globe.

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