Outstanding October

Hope has consistently been the main stay of our organization and one constant for our team. It is that hope that weakens the grip of any negatives or control to take us beyond the limit of the here and now. The outreach going above and beyond where we could have ever imagined into a place of hope, faith, love and well being with a joy and peace that elevates the soul, that is: OUTSTANDING OCTOBER.

As we Imua (go forward) into outstanding places of revelation and gratitude, it is encouraging and inspiring to see young people and families, inspired by the Grace that abounds. Hence 'Outstanding October' is breaking the delays and taking us into rapid acceleration toward our 2020 vision. 10/10 Grace doubled for the outstanding openings that appeared. As outstanding doors of opportunity open up to establish a new way forward the South, Mid and North pacific Lighthouses of HOPE are beaming light and love and hope. New families are touched and healed with an agape love that is a universal language presented to them with much Aloha and hope. It is said that people perish from lack of vision/hope and as we coach families toward their 'positive vision of hope to believe all things are possible' we see life, joy and strength breathed back into their heart and soul with the 'ha' breath of life that is 'aloha.' Our Creator inspires a HOPE that is:

H - Heavenly Hope expressed supernaturally in how it shows up and blesses families and their loved ones with unique needs to become steadfast.

O - Outstanding in the omniscient and omnipresent miracles we have the honor to be a part of.

P - Providential in provision of the blessings we have to share with aloha.

E - Eternal with the Grace and agape love that conquers all to provide a 'positive vision of hope and way forward to believe all things are possible.' It was recently said by one young dad to one of our coaches - " have restored my hope and now I can see life again in this situation."

Another family shared with one of our lead coaches: "Thank you so much, it is awesome to have hope again."

A young mum also shared: "Thankyou so much for your love and hope!"

One of our lead coaches knows only too well how important it is to have outstanding opportunities for HOPE, a miraculous life story he has, as it is his messages and downloads from Heaven that give us ALL hope and peace and joy a much better life that is yet to come.

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