Audacious August

It is considered audacious by the logical worldly way to believe a small mustard seed of faith could grow in outreach to span the Pacific Rim.

Starting here in the middle of the Pacific, Hawaii, and now reaching to the North Pacific and South Pacific, with 3 base camps or lighthouses of Hope and Retreat.

With persevering proactive faith as the currency to call upon heavens help, and agape love as the positive jui jui to activate and mobilize team Mana'olana, we dare to dream big and 'outta the box'!

Pulling from wells of hope that anchor our soul and faith that sees 'beyond the limit' of the here and now, to the miraculous supernatural. The Hope and Faith adventure is audacious and yet life giving and exciting. This hope is to inspire a life giving hope and faith, served with great aloha (love), to encourage one person at a time and one family at a time.

Our family leadership initiative to believe 'All things are possible', encouraging young family leaders in their hopes and dreams and vision. Coaching through the challenges that grow us in heart, soul and mind. The purity of motivation keeps it

all tracking forward with momentum.

So very critical to nurture and coach as we live in a dream stealing world, bombarded with toxic news, that can infect if we allow. Vital we coach the critical importance of healthy boundaries. As only then is a heart and soul truly free to tap into the depth of being, to believe the supernatural is natural! The cornerstone of strength being the agape love that sees us through every storm in life.

It is about being audacious enough to believe that the indestructible weapons of faith, love and hope dares to be the light in the darkness. The leap of faith to span the Pacific Rim began with a leap of faith ten years ago, that has really only just begun and is opening up to outstanding miraculous turnarounds!

Mahalo Ke Akua (Thank you Lord) is our grateful praise to light and love from the heavens for the blessings.

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