Jui Jui June

What is that all about you may ask? June is the month of 'good jui jui' or good vibrations as the Beach Boys song goes!

We have been coaching and mentoring our young leaders with our vibrant young energy coach and spirit coach in the lead. Coaching and encouraging our young people who are key (YPAK) in their gifts to shine and serve with Aloha and positive energy. 

Our boot camp is one of service as our vibrant young energy coach encouraged young leaders about making good choices to create a clear positive learning space to grow and thrive. To live and give...

To look into the eyes of another person and give hope and help by taking eyes off devices.

Our spirit coach encouraging gifts to shine as a gift of service to others to lift spirits with the joy and blessings of the gift which is given to share. 

As we reach out to young people at the grassroots (out by the volcano) we see the aloha of this next generation as forging a path of service that grows character. 

Martin Luther King said it like this in one of his journals:

" ...hence the forging of priceless qualities of character is taking place daily and constantly as a struggle for a goal of high moral end is pursued. What will this mean to our future?

There will come from this a mature man or woman, experienced in life's lessons, socially aware, unafraid,  and most of all imbued with the spirit of service and dedication to a great  ideal. 

Do we need such men and women? Asking the question, answers it..."

Mahalo Keakua for our young people who are the key to our futurre!

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