YPAK- Young People Are Key

We are proud to launch our new initiative as part of our Created to be Creative Curriculum: Y.P.A.K.

- Young People Are Key. 

We believe our young people are key in leading the way. This program is specifically geared to help young people tap into their creative gifts and assets. 

Our hope for YPAK is to instill in the young people of our communities the values of leadership and teamwork, creativity and communication.  

YPAK aims to help young people connect the dots of their gifts and their goals and realize that "All things are Possible" by giving them the tools they need to succeed.

The goal of our YPAK initiative is to give young people the individual tools needed to navigate through life what we call: "Skills for Life" and also connect these young people together to utilize such skills to both lead and follow.  We believe by allowing young people to work together in a comfortable group setting they can better understand the importance of having such Life Skills, identify their individual strengths and weaknesses to work on and become stronger leaders, cooperative team members and effective communicators.

All of these skills are needed to succeed in the real world, and most of them are crucial human skills getting lost in today's high-tech digital era of instant access and instant gratifications. The facades provided by online profiles and feeds depicting lifestyles which a vast majority exist only in digital form aka: virtual reality. Sadly, this virtual lifestyle has our young people completely consumed with, and most are addicted to the need for instant gratification from likes and follows and comments all digital "approval" from friends and even complete strangers who they so effortlessly can converse with by text and type, yet can not and for some will not communicate face to face with their peers.

One young person shared they have overwhelming anxiety having to talk face to face with a peer or even a friend and would be much more comfortable texting the conversation, even sitting right next to that person.- A fact many other young people agree with.

Our launch for our YPAK initiative has begun here in Kona, but we have seen the need to grow island-wide and our larger goal is to expand this initiative national to reach as many communities as possible. The big key has been the prayer believing 'all things are possible' and taking the leaps of faith as our way maker is a miracle worker and promise keeper.

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