Miraculous March

We are launching two new initiatives as part of our 2020 vision implementation.

Why is March miraculous you may ask? Well the entire vision and mana'o for our team and organization has been birthed from miraculous testimonials, which can be read in full in our ebooks.

We as a team are also excited that we have seen this marvelous month of March grow in momentum. The miraculous moments amd forward momentum is a sure sign of the positive vision of hope our miracle testimonials inspire.  Our new initiatives and outreach to young people who are key (YPAK) - the seed of which began in January now grows legs with April seeing it all launch. The immediate need of our young people has birthed a seed to start engaging effective dialogue between  all sectors and age ranges. Stay tuned as we launch this initiative at the grass roots level of the community. The impact we see having a ripple effect across all sectors and levels of leadership in this community and beyond. 

Our refreshed and certified coaching team and Hawaiian consultant being integral in this implementation.  With surf strong and mana wahine, the male and female components of our YPAK we believe that in the presence of faith, love becomes a possibility and in the presence of love miracles happen!

As a team we have every intention to aspire to inspire our clientele to believe all things are possible in their lives, as we coach people toward their very own positive vision of hope and life. Speaking, hope, truth and a real authentic unconditional love from the heart. Lifting the vibrational resonance with positive hope and love. 

Yes, life is for living and with aloha (love) can bring great peace and joy.  As we lead with love the rest will follow. We are excited and encouraged to be alive with life, and bring that to others, the best is yet ahead!

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