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Ms Trish - Founding President and lead coach. First inspired in her coaching skill 3 decades ago by an Olympic coach and 2 decades ago mentored by Ms Claire who introduced her to life coaching and encouraged her to pursue certification. Mastery Certified and team lead, Trish specializes in trauma recovery and resilience, with every intention of changing, inspiring and transforming the lives of the young people and families in this community and beyond. Trish has a very unique and special focus on young men and women with unique needs, coming from her own life experience. With her sons as leaders in a grass roots movement stretching across the nation and globe, the currency of love inspires and compels her heart to bring a positive vision of hope in people to believe all things are possible!

A quote from Coach Trish: "It is the simple power of love in action that heals!"

Ms Tifani - As new VP,  she has a vision for young women that is empowering and transformational.  Born and raised in Hawaii, Ms Tifani's aloha spirit is a palpable and beautiful example to our young women.  Recently certified with a foundation to life coaching, she brings an energy and positive enthusiasm that is a contagious. She is also a certified lifeguard and surfing coach with over 15 years in her filed coaching thousands of students each year. Tying in her Hawaiian culture and love for the 'aina (land & sea) into her coaching style and sharing her own raw real life experiences she is able to connect with clients of all ages and seasons of life and tap into some unique strategies to navigate and conquer any of life's obstacles. Her favorite life quote & motto: "Turn Victim into Victor"

Mr Clint - Our Creative Coach. Known to kids in the schools as "Mr Clint" for his Healing Heart  Art classes, he has a contagious happy spirit. Mr Clint has a miraculous story of overcoming tremendous odds as a young child diagnosed with a rare heart condition-  he is a survivor thriving with the gifts God has given him. He is a walking testament of real life miracles. He is thankful for his ICD (inserted cardiac defibrillator) which keeps his heart going, and shares his miraculous stories with anyone facing adversity to be reminded of hope and courage and that "All things are Possible". His emotional intelligence and creative gift inspire our coaching clients to dig deeper for their hidden gifts. Clint's ability to connect with people easily is evidence of his emotional intelligence. His book 'Dreams Make Wonderful Realities' is a gift to families we coach. Our curriculum created to be creative is inspired by his life story, and has received international recognition as a Bakken- Live on Give on award recipient.


Mr Superman Kent - Our Resilience Coach. Kent, affectionately nick named 'Hawaiian Superman' in 2010, after he survived "defibrillator storming " (defibrillation shocks administered over 300 times), stemming from his life threatening heart condition and is now fully equip with his very own super powered ICD (inserted cardiac defibrillator). His recent book, 'Tradewinds From Heaven' about his experience in Heaven and his heavenly downloads delivers a wisdom way beyond his years to people. His joyful resilient spirit engages hearts and souls. He and his bearded brother, lifeguard Jacob, are 2 of the coaches in our Ocean Island Retreat experience. 


Kent thanked for his coaching at a recent memorial blessing: "Thank you to Kent he was my strength!"


Ms. Heidi- Our Multi-generational Family Coach. Ms Heidi has a lifelong background in a generational legacy of care and love for ohana (families) and the community. Her wealth of experience a great blessing to those with unique needs. She also has a strong business background as a successful women business owner and community leader. Her love for her ohana and the island and ocean makes her a passionate coach and mentor for other women.

Mr. Jake- Our Ocean Therapist. Born and raised in Kona, Mr. Jake is a Professional Surf Coach, Watermen, and Certified Lifeguard with over 10 years of experience coaching thousands of students year after year. He lives and works amidst the ocean and coaches from his deep love and passion for the surf and sea utilizing the healing powers and gifts provided by Kona's beautiful ocean waters. A firm believer in "Ocean Therapy for the Soul" Coach Jake is able to tie in the tranquil fluidity of the water and life lessons provided by the sea to the fluidity of Life.

Shared Quote from Jake: "Water can flow or crash, Be water my friend."- Bruce Lee


Mr Aloha - Our Hawaiian consultant: Mr. Keahi's Hawaiian roots and professional waterman background are invaluable. Affectionately known to many as Mr Aloha for his mana'o (wisdom) and heart toward expressing the aloha spirit to all. Keahi coaches young men in particular, on how to navigate through life's challenges by tapping into a personal positive vision and making a connection with the healing powers of our ocean, he utilizes positive pattern interrupts. Keahi is a certified Professional Lifeguard and Surfing Coach with over 30 years in his field. He is a firm believer in the healing powers of the ocean. Coach Keahi shares:

"Our bond as a coaching team and strength is the surf and the healing power and love of the ocean. "

We are in the process of bringing on a Ho'oonopono coach who is soon to be available as needed. 

As is our entrepreneurial coach is also available upon request.

Mana'Olana Hope Inc
Mana'Olana Hope Inc
Mana'Olana Hope Inc
Mana'Olana Hope Inc
Mana'Olana Hope Inc
Mana'Olana Hope Inc
Mana'Olana Hope Inc

A Recent Thank You

A recent Thank you: "Trish and Mana'olana family,  we just wanted to show our appreciation to you for reaching out and Truly Blessing our family. It's wonderful to know that someone cares enough to stand beside us through our difficulties and encourage as our family heals and grows. We want to encourage you to keep it up! Thank you for making us feel like family!

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