Clint Benson Doyle

2014 Bakken Invitation Honoree

The Bakken Invitation Award recognizes outstanding contributions of service, volunteerism, and leadership.

Clint's Story:

Clint Doyle experienced brain damage from an early age after surviving sudden cardiac arrest. Doctors told his parents he may not survive. But he has. And today, one brushstroke at a time, Clint helps children imagine their dreams and then turn them into reality. Clint, who now has an implantable cardiac defibrillator, leads art programs for children with special needs, where he inspires and challenges them to stay focused on their goals.


"Creativity is a healing force!"

"We are all able to paint, and to see how the creativity everyone has is unique and can bring joy, and peace and healing confidence to the heart, soul and mind. I live each day to give joy to others through my ‘happy flowers' paintings and art class. My extra life means that I can help others to find their gift."

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