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Empowering special needs families & individuals with Mana'olana

In Hawaiian, Mana‘olana is described as the spirit of faith, hope and strength. This is the essence of our mission...

Mana’olana Hope Inc. was established in 2010, in Hawaii, to identify the needs of families who have a member with unique needs (traditionally known as a disability).  Our aim is to fill the gap and provide hope toward the positive vision of fulfilling a meaningful life with purpose for individuals with unique needs and share a more inclusive and empowering outlook.

Mana’olana Hope Inc.’s mission is to instill into the community the vision that “All Things are Possible” and to live beyond the limit of any disability.

Over the years our mission has grown to also reach families with unique circumstances such as: family crisis, troubled teens, homelessness, separation & divorce, or the loss of a loved one. We offer an experience that is a positive pattern interrupt for those seeking a solution towards a positive vision of hope.

We encourage people to believe all things are possible.


is for LIVING with ALOHA

Heart Art Therapy

We believe we are all created to be creative by our creator.

"Let us think of creative ways by which we can influence one another to find inspired expression in doing things that benefit others..."  Heb 10:24

< < Pictured here is Mr. Clint with Andrew after art class.



Our retreats are about providing a nurturing place to heal and rejuvenate.

Our team of coaches help individuals see their gifts and families identify their strengths.

"Mana'olana are true to form. they really do encourage and inspire in the spirit of faith and hope. we were well nurtured and had fun...."  continue reading

Grassroots Outreach


We believe in connecting with people at the grassroots and building relationships to

make a difference with a loving commitment to the task at hand.  


Creating inclusive opportunities and encouraging positive & productive interactions gives individuals with special needs a positive vision of hope- increasing self esteem and self worth. 

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We believe each family is as unique as the individual.

Our goal is to connect each individual to their limitless potential by tapping into their gifts.

By engaging each person and strengthening communication we have seen the creative and artistic enhance lives towards a more positive outcome.


Our team of coaches encourage and inspire creativity in each family.


Value and build the individual to identify their unique gifts to enhance their overall quality of life for the individual and their family. Encouraging a much more joyful experience for all.

Our heart is to inform and transform people beyond the limit from where they currently are, to an "All things are Possible" life.

We aim to reconnect each person with their mind, body and soul. Healing transformation can begin to take place when we connect with such and we aim to provide the tools needed to make a successful transformation into a life more fulfilled by incorporating the essence of Aloha.

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